Buddha Day

This Sunday we will be celebrating Buddha’s birthday, which is also called Vesak. But we’re just going to call it Buddha’s birthday. We are going to offer flowers to the Buddha on our little shrine. We are going to read a little story about the Buddha’s life.

We are also going spend some extra time prostrating and showing our love for the Buddha.

And then we’re going to make our own birthday…

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the rabbit who overcame fear

the rabbit who overcame fear

I arrived at Dharma School on Easter morning.

I was ready to tell the Starfish story when I noticed a Jataka tale that I hadn’t told before.

(fyi Jataka tales are like Buddhist fairy tales. Many of them involve animals and they teach a lesson.)

This Jataka tale was called “The Rabbit Who Overcame Fear”. I decided to read this story to them and save the starfish story for another time. The rabbit…

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What hinders you?

this blog has moved.

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I’ve decided to redefine this blog and make it largely devoted to my work teaching mindfulness and compassion to children. I will rename it if I think of a suitable name for that purpose. I will maintain a separate blog at www.reluctantmonk.wordpress.com that is devoted to my own spiritual journey.

My daily activity is not different. It is only that I am spontaneously in harmony with it; not grasping or rejecting anything. Everywhere there is nothing to assert or oppose.

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"Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on"

— Eckhart Tolle