Chinese Government Rejects Dalai Lama’s Claim

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The Dalai Lama said he should be the last one.

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Notes From a Buddhist Mystic. {Book excerpt} | elephant journal

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The Paramita of Meditation

Dhyana Paramita is the Perfection of Meditation.

Meditation in this sense consists of two aspects.

First is stopping. Our minds run through our whole lives, chasing one idea after another. Stopping means to stop in the present moment, to settle our monkey minds and be here now. Everything is in this moment. With this meditation practice we can calm our minds. We can practice mindful breathing,…

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Notes From a Buddhist Mystic

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Ask a Meditation Teacher: Did the Buddha invent Meditation? | elephant journal

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The Paramita of Diligence

The Paramita of Diligence

This represents our motivation on the path.

This Paramita is our devotion to cultivating the other five. It’s the one that really keeps us inspired to continue rather than giving up.

We can recognize the things that cause suffering in ourselves and others and we should do what we can to lessen these things.

The Buddha sometimes described life in terms of watering seeds. The seeds of anger,…

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The Paramita of Patience and Acceptance

The Paramita of Patience and Acceptance

This represents our ability to receive and transform our suffering.

The Buddha compared acceptance to water. If you pour some salt into a glass of water it will have a big impact. If you pour it into a river it will have no impact at at all.

We are the same way.

If our ability to accept is small, then we will suffer a great deal even when very minor things happen, like someone saying an unkind…

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Notes From Dharma School Meeting 8/24/14

Notes From Dharma School Meeting 8/24/14

1) It was agreed that we need a list of rules posted that children and parents can see as soon as they come upstairs. Gloria and Kelly volunteered to handle this project. They’re going to create a posterboard with the rules and then we will let children decorate it in some way.

2) Sometimes there are too many kids. When we have more than ten, we should split them into two groups and have two…

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The Paramita of Conduct: The Five Mindfulness Trainings

The Paramita of Conduct: The Five Mindfulness Trainings

The Second Paramita is something we cultivate in two ways.

One way is through mindfulness training and the second way is through precepts.

We are going to talk about the 5 mindfulness trainings in Dharma School and leave the precepts for some other time.

Practicing the Five Mindfulness Trainings is a good way to transform our behavior in a positive way.

Some of these overlap with the precepts a…

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